CSD Site is the on-site scanning and survey operations of CSD Group Australia Pty Ltd (CSD Group). The team offers survey works of up to 2-millimetre (mm) accuracy, ensuring accuracy of design at pre-construction stage. 


Established in 2013, CSD Group has worked on projects in Australia, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. It offers a suite of services for construction projects, from pre-construction design works to on-site solutions. CSD Group has four units: CSD BIM, CSD Drafting, CSD Engineering and CSD Site.



Laser scanning and point cloud


Using the latest Trimble and Faro 3D scanners and software products, we are able to collect millions of survey points, capturing vital information and dimensioning required for projects.

A complete and comprehensive site survey is accomplished at one time, with no need for a site revisit. This makes retrofitting of existing structures as easy as building new ones and helps eliminate costly site layout issues.


Our laser scanning covers: 

  • Up to 2mm accuracy on the 3D photo scanning of existing structures

  • The capture of site markings and points of interest

  • Taking measurements from the captured scan model

3D scan of Jewel Fine Foods

Laser layout


Using the latest Trimble Robotic Total Station (RTS) site products linked with our Tekla models, we can provide layout services and site set-out assistance to place holding down (HD) bolts, chemsets, position ferrules, site drilling and more.

With our complete and comprehensive laser layout service, no survey dimensions will be missed, no site revisit will be needed and expensive site layout issues are eliminated. This also makes retrofitting of structures as easy as building new infrastructure. 

Our laser layout service includes:

  • Laser set-out of HD bolts and chemset locations on site using the model coordinates with up to 2mm accuracy

  • Import of site points back in the model for as-built reviews

RTS laser layout - Jewel Fine Foods



Time-lapse photography within the construction site enables our clients to monitor construction activity offsite and provides them with day-to-day footage that may be used for marketing, project management and other purposes.

Time-lapse videos enhance the following:

  • Post-project marketing materials (videos encourage engagement)

  • Reviews

  • Dispute resolution (date and time stamp show progress and/or obstacles that occur during the construction phase)

Time-lapse - Jewel fine Foods

Drone inspections/fly overs

CSD Site's full suite of site survey includes the use of drones to give clients aerial perspectives of the construction site from different angles.

Benefits of using drones:

  • On-site aerial shots and flyovers can be used for marketing 

  • Drone inspections in hard-to-access areas can be done quickly without the requirement for working at heights and reduced workplace health and safety (WHS)

  • Site planning and scale photos can be used for rigging plans and crane positioning at an early stage

Roof inspection

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