Two halves make a whole

Back in May, we completed a point cloud scan for this intriguing and amazing residential property.

3D Scan

The bottom half had been formed and poured using in-situ concrete, and the top half was to be formed using foam moulds supporting on temporary propping. The foam mould half was in the final stages of design and readying for the computer numerical control (CNC) cut data to be provided to the foam mould supplier for fabrication.

CSD Group Australia collected over 600 million points using 20 scans in and around the structure to determine the as-built complex shape to within 2mm accuracy over the 40+ metre site. Once all scans were registered today and cross checked, we supplied output drawing files to the architects (Raunik) to ensure the top half mould model was updated to suit the inside perimeter line of the as-built formwork.

CSD Group Australia's 3D cloud survey was utilised by the architects at Raunik and allowed the top half mould to be remodelled and new data to be issued to the mould supplier for CNC to be updated, ensuring the top half of the mould would fit the as-built bottom half to perfection.

On the 19th July, the current progress of the moulds on site showed that the 3D point cloud scan and the remodelling of the mould worked exactly as intended, leaving no gaps around the whole perimeter and ensuring no time delays on site for changing form work to this complex-shaped house.

See below how the foam block fit on site!

We will be sure to update this blog as the site progresses on this stand out property!

If you have any requirements or questions regarding our 3D scanning, scan to BIM or any other drafting services, please get in touch with us. We'd love to help!

CSD Group Australia team

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