Residential Scanning (Scan to BIM)

3D Scan Gold Coast FARO

For over two years now, we have been offering our laser scanning and scan to BIM services to the steel and construction industry.

Some of our latest 3D laser scanning projects on the Gold Coast and Brisbane have been undertaken for architectural practices, and we are seeing this take over from the current trend of these processes only been used for large and mid-sized projects.

Internally scanning a property alone allows us to process this data to create an as-built 3D model in Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC format, which can be used for:

1) As-built documentation

2) Scan to BIM

3) As-built 2D drawings sets

4) Feasibility studies

5) more....

A residential scan as per the one above can contain millions of points and measurements taken within a short time on site. The scan above was registered with 19 scans, 1.7 billion points were taken in 90 minutes on site.

This allows us to take this data back to the office to process, create 2D floor plans and if required, the 3D BIM models for Architects to use in their native software.

Laser Scan Gold Coast FARO

The plan above shows the scan locations which can be viewed individually as per the below image.

The scan viewer also allows the user to take measurements of objects such as doors, windows and anything visible within the scan model (See below window measurement).

3D Survey Scan Faro

It is an exciting prospect to be part of the movement of laser scanning into the architectural sector for smaller projects, and opens the gates for a wider use of the technology as it becomes a more affordable solution due to the software advances utilised by CSD Group Australia.

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